Paragliding to me is one of the greatest inventions of mankind. A back-packable aircraft that with proper training and judgement you can foot launch and soar up to the clouds and fly to cloudbase then cross country for miles and miles….softly landing hours later to pack it up and walk away to fly another day. It’s absolutely incredible. All fitting in a backpack that can weigh from 25 to 50 lbs. The gear and wings are getting safer as well as lighter and more compact. FULL SET UPS THAT FIT INTO THE OVERHEAD BIN ARE GETTING COMMON NOW!!!!! So if you want to take your time, learn thoroughly from the ground up, and become a Desert wind Paraglider… passion is to teach you how. Soar coastal sites, Fly thermals cross country, Acrobatics, fun and sanctioned competitions…I indulge in all types of paragliding and enjoy teaching them as much if not more at times. I’ve trained all sorts of people who weren’t sure if they had the time, money, courage and or discipline to follow through and become a paraglider…….and they did it!!! Just like you can. So come on out to the hill and check it out!! Next thing you know you could be soaring with the birds.

Stick to the good stuff when you’re running off mountains with it. I’m an authorized dealer for GIN, NOVA, ADVANCE, FLYTEC and can also get dealer pricing on GRADIENT and most other quality, top of the line paragliding equipment. Pilots that fly with great new gear have a confidence that’s essential to have in this sport. I fly and love the brands I sell. The attention to detail, the quality and the support I get and can pass on is top of the

I learned to fly in AZ and have been instructing here for years now. I know from experience what it takes to cultivate great pilots who end up with the proper judgment, experience, and a proper understanding of the weather that it takes to be a safe paraglider who has a ton of fun. And the simple fact is this. There is NO WAY to do it here in Phoenix for the same price as the schools that have a great training hill right outside their door do. Not to mention aren’t training in the weather of the Southwest/AZ desert. I did it and it’s just not possible. So, if you will be living here you will want to train here. You will want to have an instructor who is known to be safe from the local pilot community and will be at your flying sites to continue your training with. I have spent a great deal of time, money and passion to now have a scooter tow system AND a hydraulic pay out tow system for my students. If you don’t know what these are let me just say they are what is needed to get you trained safely in a practical amount of time along with trips to our training hills. If you learn the right way to fly in our desert….you will be able to fly anywhere. As my students our out proving all the time.